Water Guide: California’s H2O Action Plan

Written by: Kate Tovey

Recently, the future of the California delta has been a major controversial debate. California Water Fix is an $18 billion to $26 billion dollar proposal to build two large underground tunnels that would carry water under the delta from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Rivers to Southern California. Water is in great demand in Southern California due to the agricultural industry and overall lack of supply to support households. This issue not only impacts the environment but also California’s economy, since agriculture is vital to it.

The California Water Fix plan’s goals are to protect our state’s water supplies from climate change, improve river flows for threatened fish species, and restore and protect wetland ecosystems. This water system upgrade would also protect against water supply disruption due to failure of aging levees, rising sea levels and natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods. Incorporated in this plan is also the goal of restoring around 2,300 acres of habitat and protecting around 13,300 acres. An estimated increase of $5 would be added to household’s’ monthly water bills.

Proponents for the project say that it is cheap, efficient, and highly reliable. They state that it is a smart investment and a great insurance plan for Southern California and its water supply. Those in opposition of the project say that it would not provide substantially new water supplies and that the cost per household would be above the estimate. They also state that the region’s money would be better invested in environmental sustainability projects that invest in things like capturing storm run-off and recycling wastewater. Additionally, concerns of ecosystem disruption have been brought up.

Although there are pros and cons to the proposal and the future action of the plan isn’t entirely clear, one thing is certain; water is California’s number one resource. The future of our state’s success relies on actions to promote conservation and sustainability.

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