Water Guide: Graphene sieve

Written by: Anthony Belavitch

Today I am going to talk about a new invention that could make seawater drinkable. The invention was discovered by scientist in the UK and it is called a graphene sieve.

Making seawater drinkable would be huge! Graphene is an ultra thin sheet of carbon atoms organized in a hexagonal lattice. Scientists in Manchester are now using a compound of graphene known as graphene oxide that creates a rigid sieve to filter out salt water. There have been problems with graphene because the membranes pores that collect water start to expand, but the team in Manchester says the size and expansion of the pores can be controlled.

The team of scientists coated the graphene with epoxy resin composite that prevents the sieve from expanding, and controls the swelling of the pores. This allows salt crystals to be filtered out while you are left with fresh, drinkable water. The graphene sieve is extremely important because it is predicted that by the year 2025 over 14% of the global population will suffer from water scarcity.


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