What Does Walnut Creek Saves Save?

Written by: Michelle Lee

The short answer is energy, water, and money!

Walnut Creek Saves was created through a collaboration between the City of Walnut Creek and the private company WattzOn. After realizing that 18% of greenhouse emissions in Walnut Creek were due to the residents, the City of Walnut Creek set out to adopt a residential energy efficiency program and tackle the excess residential energy and water usage.

The program is funded from a federal grant from the Department of Energy. On top of that, the City of Walnut Creek also sold city property to raise funds for the program. Walnut Creek residents’ tax dollars are not used to fund the program. With the funds, Walnut Creek Saves is able to offer free in-home energy and water consultations to residents.

During our consultations, trained student Conservation Coaches will evaluate the resident’s appliances and how often they use the appliances. Afterward, the coaches will do a room-by-room analysis of the resident’s energy and water habits. With the data, the Conservation Coaches will offer personalized habit changes and recommend small energy and water efficient upgrades.

The residents will also link their utility bills with EnergyCenter, a free energy-saving account that shows all local rebate, as well as helpful tips to help the resident save energy, water, and money. With the home consultation, residents will have a better understanding of their utility bills, save money, as well as living a more environmentally sustainable life!

If you are interested in a FREE home consultation, sign up online here, or call us today at 1-800-314-5997 or email us at walnutcreek@wattzon.com.

You can track our progress and follow our movement on Instagram: WalnutCreekSaves

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