What is it like to be a Conservation Coach?

Written by: Natalie Ahearn

My experience as a Walnut Creek Saves Conservation Coach has taught me communication skills and several different ways to save water and energy around my own home. Talking to strangers during outreach events can be daunting, but learning to engage people in conversation and teaching individuals about our program in a short amount of time has helped me learn how to communicate more effectively. Being a Conservation Coach has not only helped me improve my communication skills, but it has given me a unique job experience unlike any I’ve had before.

From optimal thermostat settings to efficient irrigation techniques, I’ve learned so much on how to be a more efficient water and energy consumer. It’s important to be conscious about usage not only for personal peace at mind, but to lessen one’s impact on the planet. Personally, my family has benefited from the program because I’ve come home with ways to save water (like using aerators, dishwasher instead of hand washing) and energy (like setting the thermostat to 65 in the winter).

Not only has my own household benefited, but others as well through our home consultations. I recently attended one, and though the family was already significantly efficient, we were able to tell them exactly how efficient. Sometimes it’s nice to know, statistically speaking, that your family is doing the absolute best they can to help conserve the earth’s valuable resources. Not many significant changes to their lifestyles were recommended, which may be less than optimal for us as coaches, but it was perfect for our cause! Working with a family inside their home brought the whole program together for me and it’s nice to know that even a small reassurance of efficiency can make a difference in someone’s everyday life.

To sign up for a free home consultation that can help you save monthly on electricity and water bills, contact Walnut Creek Saves at 1-800-314-5997 or sign up online here.

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