What It Means to be a Conservation Coach

Written by: Ariana Montalvo

As a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves I have learned many skills to help guide me through life. I learned these skills through many outreach opportunities and in-home consultations. At every new outreach event that Walnut Creek Saves attends I learn how to have a professional conversation with strangers, marketing skills, and I am able to educate Walnut Creek residents on how to better conserve water and energy.

The Walnut Creek Saves program has various outreach events all throughout Walnut Creek. I have enjoyed attending these outreach events because I am able to interact with the residents and hopefully encourage the residents to sign up for a free in-home consultation that can educate them on how to conserve water and energy. The Walnut Creek Saves program is constantly looking for outreach opportunities to hopefully better the community and the environment.

My most recent outreach event was last week at the Walnut Creek library. At the library we set up our table outside of the entrance as to allow for any resident to catch a glimpse of our program name. On our table we almost always have a trivia wheel set up so that children (and adults!) can learn something about water and energy conservation. This gives the Conservation Coaches the opportunity to talk to their parents for a second about our program. We also have our monthly raffle items, this month the items are an efficient shower head and an energy efficient power strip, that can be won if the residents signs up for the free in-home consultation in person.

This program has helped me be more assertive and engaging while talking to strangers which will help me later in life when dealing with a similar situation. I have also met other young students willing to make a difference in their community who have accomplished the same goals as I have. I am very grateful to be a part of the Walnut Creek Saves program, and I will continue to work to further prosper the program.

For any questions about the program you can refer to our website or send an email to walnutcreek@wattzon.com.

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