Where to Next

Written by: Gautam Sajja

With another month under my belt, and the end of the program approaching, it is hard to believe that the program we have worked so hard on for over eight months is almost over. I remember my first article on the new journey; I mentioned how I have traveled to the ends of Walnut Creek, meeting new people, talking with the locals, and getting them interested in water and energy savings, specifically through our program. With new recruits arriving to replace our past members, our team has grown to a bigger and more motivated group of individuals then when it started. Although I will not be able to enjoy the benefits that this program has given me for much longer, I am happy knowing that I will close out Walnut Creek Saves with only the very best effort sewn into the seams of its success.

Despite the unknown future of this program, what is known is that we have helped residents save energy and water and money on their bills. The aftermath assures me that energy and water savings will not only affect our city, but hopefully the rest of the world as well. It really outlines what we have done, not just for ourselves but for the community. Making a difference is subjective to everyone; to me, it is knowing that the only thing I strive to accomplish is my best. It garners from the people who always tell us about how much good we are doing and how we were pioneering a path that no one has walked. Although somewhat untrue – many other companies have created initiatives to save resources – our voices are unique, and it is obvious why: we are a team comprised of high school students.

I mentioned previously how far we have come as a program, starting from nothing and then ending up with a bit of a humble following. It was not all without sacrifice, we did have to overcome obstacles along the way: a slower than usual sign up rate, team members leaving, and more recently, fires attacking nearby valleys, stunting our outreach schedules. But we overcame. Sometimes, it is difficult to keep in mind that true greatness must come from small beginnings.

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